CrittEar Product Questions

Calm is made of a medical use approved, special formulated memory foam that contours perfectly to your dogs ear canal.

All of the Calm products are sized by your dog’s weight (in pounds & kilograms).  

  • XS (Extra Small): 2-12; 1-5 kg
  • S (Small): 12-24; 6-11 kg
  • M (Medium): 24-60; 11-27 kg
  • L (Large): 60-90; 28-41 kg
  • XL (Extra Large): 90-120;  42-54 kg

It’s as easy ABC123! And as easy as training your dog to sit, shake or stay! Go to CrittEar’s youTube channel to watch and learn more (youTube to be updated soon)

Each dog is different. It can range from a day to a few days. Just keep working with them and they will soon realize you are helping them and will accept them with no problems! (treats are always good too! ) Just follow the 3 simple steps!

Simple! All you have to do is: 1) roll one Calm into a long cylinder shape.  2) Gently pull up on the dogs ear to elongate the ear canals. 3) Insert Calm into the ear until it is flush with the head, count to 5 to allow it to expand to fill the ear canal and then release the ear.  Please watch the instruction video at (to be added soon) to learn how to properly insert them.

Not an issue. Just follow instructions and all will be good!

We hope to someday release CALM for cats, horses, mules, maybe even goats! Sky’s the limit! Join our mailing list to stay in-the-know as we develop and test new products for other furry friends!

Billing & Shipping Questions

We do charge a Sales Tax for WA state residents. 

We are looking to begin shipping products to you in Fall,2019, for those that have participated in early purchasing on our Indiegogo campaign and from the website!

It is very important that you go by the dogs weight, not size. Example: A greyhound looks like a “Large” dog, but most likely their weight says to order a “Medium”.

Should you have an oops, please contact us at customerservice@crittear.com so that we can help you with an exchange.

You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept payment through PayPal.

Unfortunately at this time we aren’t able to accept prepaid cards or PayPal Credit, cash, or checks.