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Calm – Available Fall 2019

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CALM is a single piece of a special memory type foam, providing in-ear noise blocking hearing protection for dogs.  Available Fall 2019.



Calm, by CrittEar, is the first of its kind. Calm is a patent pending, in-ear hearing protection for dogs!  It’s made of a special formulated memory foam and veterinarian approved.


It was created for dogs that have noise phobianoise anxiety from thunderstormsfireworks or loud noises, and for dogs that are in situations where they will need hearing protection.


It has a shape that is specifically created for a dog’s ear canal that fits dogs from chihuahuas to great danes!  When inserted correctly, the foam molds and fits deep into their inner ear canals and molds itself for a soft, noise suppression. This product is great for the once or twice a year use.


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